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Chatting at Warehouse

Warehousing & Receiving

Efficient Warehousing and Receiving:
The Key to Streamlined Operations & Happy Customers

Our full-time warehouse staff takes great pride in the handling of your product from the time it hits our facility to the time it leaves on one of the delivery vehicles in our fleet.

Our facility is clean, well-organized, and ready for a site visit at any time. Our warehouse is racked for short-term products, narrow aisle racked for long-term storage, and we use separate areas for unloading, inspection and staging.

Our warehouse staff is detail oriented with a commitment to care for your assets responsibly. Our people can assess your products' condition and document its status. They have the product knowledge needed to identify and manage the vast multitude of items, assemblies, and parts produced by today's furniture manufacturers. Our staff has the experience to handle and move your product efficiently and prevent damage or loss. 

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