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Frequently Asked Questions

The Dealer and Installation Team will develop detailed schedules identifying major milestones with relation to order entry, production, delivery and installation. General transportation and handling requirements are listed below, additional requirements may apply depending on specific project needs.

Source One Installations (SOI), understands and will comply with the requirements pertaining to the scheduling of clients projects.

  • What measures are taken to ensure the safe transportation and handling of products, and how do they prevent damage or soiling during packaging and installation?
    Source One Installations will wrap or crate furniture to prevent damage during shipping and installation. Product is stored in a climate controlled environment in accordance with the manufacturers requirements. SOI will provide equipment and personnel to handle products by methods to prevent soiling or damage to products by packaging.
  • How does the company ensure that the delivery of products is synchronized with the construction schedule and what steps do they take to prevent any conflicts?
    SOI arranges deliveries of products in accordance with construction schedules, coordinates with work conditions at the site to avoid conflict . Will not deliver furniture to the project until the space in which it is to be installed is ready to receive it or until an alternative space has been made available.
  • How does the company adjust its furniture installation schedule to align with the general contractor's schedule?
    Will dovetail the furniture installation schedule to meet the general contractor's schedule.
  • What condition should I expect my order to come in?
    Products should be delivered in undamaged condition, in the Manufacturer's original containers or packaging with identifying labels intact and legible.
  • What are the actions that should be taken upon the delivery of products, and why is it important to inspect the shipments immediately and notify of any damage or delays in replacement?
    Upon delivery of products immediately inspect the shipments to assure compliance with the requirements of the specifications and approved submittals. Examine merchandise upon delivery and notify of any damaged items. Notify immediately to ensure that replacement will not delay installation schedule.
  • What is the purpose of assigning a unique number to each product line upon delivery?
    Upon delivery, circle sheets are cross-referenced and each product line has an assigned number to ensure all product is received. Notification will be provided immediately if a replacement will delay the schedule
  • What services are provided for electrical work?
    Coordination of all telephone and electrical cord locations are implemented as needed.
  • What are the guidelines followed by the company for installation and assembly?
    Installation and assembly will be in accordance to the manufacturer's instructions specifications and drawings approved by the designated project team.
  • What is the qualification of the Haworth Intermarket installers, and what instructions do they follow during installation?
    All of our Haworth Intermarket installers are Haworth Certified and installed per Haworth's safety and Technical instructions.
  • What are the requirements for ensuring the proper level, alignment, and attachment of furniture?
    Furniture level must be plumb square and true with all attachment joints without gaps or spaces.
  • What is the process followed by the company to verify the proper functioning of installed components?
    SOI tests and ensures that all installed electrical components, hardware fixtures, and moving parts function correctly and smoothly.
  • What are the requirements for storing and insuring furniture before installation, according to the manufacturer or dealer?
    The Manufacturer / Dealer shall provide insurance for furniture while in storage until it is installed. All items must be stored and delivered in accordance with manufacturer specifications and instructions.

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