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Decommission, Liquidate, Recycle

At Source One Installations, we take on the management and coordination of office furniture decommissioning and liquidation projects, which includes the donation, removal, and recycling of excess furniture. We even extend the offer of inventory to charities and non-profit organizations that may be interested. Our firm works closely with our clients to manage all removal logistics, ensuring that we meet their lease obligations and construction deadlines.

We recognize that we have a responsibility to our clients and to the environment, and we understand that our actions and behavior can have a significant impact on the world around us. That's why we have taken a vow to explore and implement environmentally responsible business practices.

We strive to collaborate with our customers and suppliers who share our commitment to this common goal. We recognize the importance of conserving and maintaining the environment for future generations, and we make a conscious effort to operate our business in a manner that is environmentally responsible.

The Process

There are numerous reasons why office furniture may need to be recycled, liquidated, or decommissioned, and at SOI, we specialize in providing comprehensive solutions to save time and resources throughout the entire process.

Our services for recycling, liquidating, and decommissioning furniture include:

  • Disassembling or dismantling the furniture to be recycled, liquidated, or decommissioned.

  • Packing and loading the furniture for relocation transfer, if applicable.

  • Maximizing recycling efforts by repurposing or recycling as much of the furniture as possible.

  • Responsibly disposing of any remaining furniture in environmentally friendly landfills.

  • Offering temporary warehousing and storage offsite for furniture awaiting recycling, liquidation, or decommissioning.

  • Ensuring a thorough cleanup of the disassembling space.

We understand that recycling, liquidating, and decommissioning office furniture can be a complex and time-consuming process. That's why our experienced team is here to assist you. With our skills and knowledge, we can handle every aspect of the project, making the process smooth, efficient, and environmentally conscious.

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